Heres the chat: click HERE

Enjoy and meet new friends.

1 No innapropriate topics – This goes from anywhere to sexual topics to drug topics.

2No Racism OR Sexism OR Ethnicism– No saying anything racist or sexist or ethnicist.

3 No spamming – Spam stands for Stupid pointless annoying messages, This means no saying things like “FJKWERKJWER” or smilies/audies over and over.

4 No advertising – Do not come and advertise your chat or site, Youtube and photobucket links are fine.

5 Don’t say things that you know will cause a fight

6 No innapropriate doodles – Don’t put innapropriate images on the doodle

7 Don’t ask for personal info – Do not request to see pictures, phone-numbers, ect.

8 No cyber bullying – Don’t pick on people.

9 No unfair bans – 3 kicks then a ban

10 Don’t ask to be a mod or an owner – 5 days or 50 xat for mod 10 days  or 100 xats for owner  or advertise our site a lot and you can be mod NOTE:You must be a mod to upgrade to owner


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